Acid Reflux- Gaviscon Advance

About Gaviscon Advance

Gaviscon Advance which consists of sodium alginate significantly reduces acid reflux and heartburn. Gaviscon forms a 'gate' near the top of the stomach and neutralizes acid. Other treatments like esomeprazole are viable but Gaviscon Advance is equally and possibly more effective as well as safer (Dettmar and Strugala, 2008; Giannini et al., 2006; Pouchain et al., 2012). Gaviscon Advance used in conjunction with esomeprazole is a viable and highly effective option (Dettmar et al., 2006; Reimer et al., 2016)

Gaviscon Advance Peppermint Flavor

  • Highly rated, popular flavor
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$28 (500ml)

Esomeprazole and Other Gaviscon Advance Options
(Esomeprazole Sources)

42 count 20mg each

Aniseed Flavor

Chewable Mint Tablets

Peppermint Flavor
300 ml

Some foods that may be causing your acid reflux or heartburn are fried foods or foods high in cholesterol, chocolate, onions, and alcohol (Allen et al., 1990; Murphy and Castell, 1988; Shapiro et al., 2006). An elimination diet can fix acid reflux (Gonsalves et al., 2012).

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