About Whey

Protein is important for both recovery and performance. For endurance athletes a protein carbohydrate beverage specifically can enhance both recovery and performance (Gibala, 2007; Millard-Stafford et al., 2005; Saunders, Kane, and Todd, 2004). The efficacy of whey supplements in improving athletes' performance and recovery is well established.


  • Pure with colostrum and good fats
Bulletproof Product Link
$39.95 (16 oz)

Other (Cheaper) Protein Options

Powder w/ casein, BCAAs, and glutamine
4 lbs

Powder w/ casein and BCAA's
2.91 lbs

Drink w/ additional nutrients
24 pack 8 fl oz each

Protein drink
4 pack 11 fl oz each

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