Dark Chocolate

About Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has cocoa flavanols which are a class of flavonoids. Flavonoids are integral to cognitive function and the cocoa flavanols in dark chocolate have been shown specifically to improve cognitive function (Desideri et al., 2012; Mastroiacovo et al., 2015). Dark chocolate with higher cocoa percentages provide more of these flavanols and usually has less sugar.

Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa

  • Cheaper bulk option
  • Not alkali processed (lowers flavanols)
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12 pack 3.5 oz each

Other High Cocoa Dark Chocolate Options

72% Cocoa w/ beneficial fats
$18.95 (3 bars 5.94 oz each)

88% Cocoa
12 bars 3 oz each

86% Cacao
4 packs of 4.12 oz each

85% Cacao
10 packs of 3.5 oz each

Sweeter/ Less Bitter Dark Chocolate Options

40% Cocoa
12 bars 4.25 oz each

60% Cacao
5.1 oz

60% Cacao
6 pack 5.25 oz each

Dark Chocolate Walnuts
5 lbs

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