Zen Mode & Rhodiola

About Zen Mode & Rhodiola

Zen Mode is a combination of herbs and nutrients that benefit mood and mental health. Many of the components have proven effective in treating anxiety and depression as well as in improving cognition. Rhodiola is an herb that has positive effects on mood, energy, and helps reduce anxiety and depression.

Possible Interactions

Bulletproof Zen Mode

  • Mood boosting herbs and nutrients
Bulletproof Site Link
$44.95 (45 caps)

Rhodiola & Other Zen Mode Options

Rhodiola (Standardized)
120 caps 300mg each

Rhodiola Powder (Standardized)
100 grams/ 3.53 oz

Rhodiola (Not Standardized)
180 caps 450mg each

Zen Mode
90 caps ($79.95)
* Be wary of serotonin syndrome if you are, also, taking antidepressants because Zen Mode's 5-HTP content can increase serotonin. Be wary of serotonin syndrome symptoms and consult with a medical professional before taking Zen Mode if you are on antidepressants.

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