Rice Bran Oil & Bran

About Rice Bran Oil & Bran

Bran and rice bran oil are effective at lowering cholesterol. This effect is in part due to the sterols and stanols in rice bran oil and bran substances.

Baja Precious

  • Cheaper option, 100% pure
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$9.99 (25.3 fl oz)

Other Bran Options

Rice Bran
4 pack 18 oz each

Rice Bran
18 oz

Rice Bran Oil
1 gallon

Rice Bran
2 pack 20 oz each

Oat Bran
2 pack 18 oz each

Oat Bran
16 oz

Wheat Bran Cereal
2 pack 18 oz each

Wheat Bran
3 pack 20 oz each

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